Raga Pravaham is just not about being able to play raga alapanai and kalpana swarams the way instrumental players want or a singer wants to sing.

Ragapravaham is also about giving meaning to the raga through a composition without the baggage of lyrics.

Compositions have become the mainstay of our music, for that matter any music. It is through them that the music is identified. Compositions have become the vehicle to understand, appreciate, educate, practise, profess music. Hence to do all these through instruments in the shape of compositions is the challenge here - especially because the style and form of compositions have become so entrenched in our system that to get audiences to appreciate any other way is an uphill task.

So, right now the concentration is on compositions which have no lyrics. That is what instruments dont have to boast about. We need a bank of compositions without lyrics designed for different instruments, so in a span of 10,20, 30 years we will have thousands which can also be propogated by the instrumental Gurus and in turn by their students.

The essential need is that all quality instrumental players have to compose without lyrics and popularize them amongst their students of music and audiences in general.

A Ragapravaham in ragam Hamsadhwani

A Ragapravaham in ragam Yadukulakambodhi